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2011-2012 Season Success Photos!

December 13, 2011

Our First 2011-12 Hunt Was A Success!

Well I'm back for a couple days from a great trip to old Mexico! Myself along with a couple friends headed south for our first hunt a little over a week ago. Knowing the moon would make it tough along with being an early hunt our expectations weren't very high. Immediately on the first day we started glassing up bucks and the midday activity kept us busy and hopefull that a giant buck would present itself!

It didn't take long before we finally had a great buck spotted and the stalk was on! Closing the distance quickly, my hunter and I made it to 513 yards from the feeding buck. I had the priviledge of trying out Swarovski's brand new 10x42 EL Range binoculars with the built-in range finder and those things are AMAZING! With these new binos on the tripod I was able to range the buck and watch the shot without taking my face away from the binos! My hunter made a great 1 shot kill and the buck was down immediately! We were both very excited to walk up and see
this massive 117" beast up close!

Next up was our other hunter and after relocating to check out a different ranch we immediately had another great buck spotted! Again, the stalk was on and the distance was cut from 700 yards to 270 yards and with 2 well placed shots the 110" 4x4 was ours!

So now with 2 great bucks in camp and several tags left we kept hunting! On one evening we located a pretty 103" 4x4 at 685 yards and my friend decided with the challenge of the shot, this buck was worth a try. He's practiced at this distance and with full confidence he proceeded to make a great first shot and followed it up with a perfect second shot to anchor the buck at 685 yards! It's not a giant but it was a great experience and some incredible shooting! We also had a pic of this buck on trail cam...

So there's the result of our first trip! We had smooth crossings at the border and we all felt safe and comfortable while on our trip. I can't wait to run out the door and head back down! Thanks and stay tuned to see what we turn up next! JIM>